About Peakware

The idea for Peakware.com was spawned in 1994 on the summit of Mount Elbert. Peakware founder Terrill Thompson and friends were discussing future climbs. How much higher could they climb with the skills they had? What were their best options for climbing in Winter? That was four years before Google, and information like this was difficult to find.

Terrill spent the next few months collecting data from a variety of sources, built a database, and created an easy-to-use interface for searching for peaks.

He briefly distributed Peakware on CD-ROM, but by June 1998 had moved it all to the web, thereby making it easily accessible to people worldwide, and opening the door for users to contribute content, including new peaks, trip reports, and photographs. The community of active users grew rapidly, and by 1999 there were hundreds of users, and new content was being added daily. Peakware was one of the first wikis, launched 2.5 years before Wikipedia.

In December 1999, Peakware.com was acquired by Interactive Outdoors, Inc., a small group of avid outdoor enthusiasts in Aspen, Colorado, who had similarly been collecting and indexing large quantities of data about outdoor recreational opportunities for their flagship website, Wildernet.com.

Terrill continued to support and maintain Peakware on behalf of the new site owners, and in January 2019 they decided to retire and returned Peakware to Terrill.

Since its founding, over 10,000 users have contributed content. The Peakware database now includes 4,203 peaks, 8,039 photos, and 16,828 trip reports.

This is your site. Let us know what you'd like to see, or contact us if you spot something that requires correcting. Thank you to everyone who over the years has helped to make Peakware.com the world's premier mountain and mountaineering resource!