Great Dividing Range

The Great Dividing Range is one of the few areas of highland in Australia, which is otherwise dry, barren, flat, and sparsely populated, except on the eastern coast. The range is actually a series of discontinuous ranges and plateaus, extending over 2,000 miles, roughly parallel to the East and Southeast coasts. The average height is 4,000 feet, and Mount Kosciusko (7,310 ft.), located in the deep southeast, is the highest mountain in Australia. There is tremendous variety throughout the range. From Cape York in the North, on southward throughout much of the range, the rolling mountains are covered in lush rainforests, and are home to a variety of wildlife. Further south, just fifty miles west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are an elevated sandstone crust overlooking steep wooded canyons. Still further south, the Southern Alps, otherwise known as the Snowy Mountains, are home to Australia's only peaks over 2,000 meters, and are known for their immense snowfields. The Great Dividing Range is the rest line of the Eastern Highlands of Australia. For the most part it separates rivers draining into the Pacific Ocean from those flowing into the Indian Ocean and the Arafura Sea. Visit Do for more information

Peaks of Great Dividing Range

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