Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is a mountain system of Central Asia, extending 400 miles southwest from the Pamir Knot. These mountains roughly form the boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan. In the east, the mountains are round and wide, and rise only to 18,000 feet, low by central Asian standards. Further west, the range rises to a cluster of high snowy peaks, twenty of which are 7,000 meter summits. Most of the high summits rise from subsidiary ridges south of the main crest. As the mountains stretch further west and south, they gradually get smaller and spread out as dusty barren hills into central Afghanistan. Compared with most other areas in Central Asia, many of the high glaciated peaks are conveniently accessible, and the weather, though hot in the summer and snowy in the winter, is generally predictable and stable. There is also comparatively little bureaucracy for climbing here.

Peaks of Hindu Kush

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