The Adirondacks are a group of mountains in Northeastern New York state. The range is quiet and beautiful, with dense deciduous forests growing abundantly on the mountain slopes. A large system of lakes, rivers and streams connects throughout the range. The Adirondacks are roughly 100 miles long and 75 miles wide, and much of the range is now included in Adirondack Park, six million acres of forest with 2000 miles of hiking trails. Slightly less than half of the park is state owned, while the remainder is owned privately. The highest elevations are attained in the northeastern portion of the park, where 42 peaks top 4,000 feet. Earliersurveys listed 46 peaks above 4,000 feet, and the Adirondack Forty-Sixers, anorganization of climbers who have ascended each of these peaks, still retainsits original name, and an ascent of all 46 peaks is still a membership requirement. The highest peak is Mount Marcy (5,344 ft.).

Peaks of Adirondacks

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