Fairweather Range

The Fairweather Range is a glacier-covered range of rugged mountains, the southern continuation of the St. Elias Mountains. The range is surrounded on three sides by icy seas, all of which accept vast glaciers that flow from steep mountain peaks. Much of the range is included within Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, best known for its sixteen tidewater glaciers, twelve of which actively calve icebergs into the bay. The mountains tower near the shore, and supply ice to these extensive glaciers. The highest and most dominant mountain of the range bears the range's same name, Mount Fairweather (15,300 ft/ 4663 m). The name, chosen by the range's discoverer Captain James Cook in 1778, is itself a curiosity, since the Fairweather Range experiences some of the world's worst weather, including over 100 annual inches of precipitation.