Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rocky Mountains stretch 450 miles northwest from the United States border, through parts of Alberta, British Columbia, and Yukon Territory. The mountains are rugged, remote, and heavily glaciated, with steep snowy peaks. Turbulent rivers tumble through the range, contrasting with the tranquil glacial lakes which feed them. The Canadian Rockies form a narrower range than their U.S. counterpart, and rarely exceed 50 miles in width. More than fifty peaks exceed 11,000 feet, the highest being Mount Robson (12,972 ft.) on the Alberta-British Columbia border. Over half the range is contained within National or Provincial Parks. Because of their remoteness, access to the Canadian Rockies generally requires lengthy backcountry treks, although highways approach some of the peaks. Weather is cold and snowy through much of the year, and storms can last for days. The best months for climbing here are July and August.

Peaks of Canadian Rockies

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