Greenland's highest mountains are the massive ice-covered peaks and exposed cliffs of the Watkins Range on the east coast. Excellent snow and ice routes exist here for experienced climbers, though access is difficult and expeditionary in nature. Atrocious weather and limited daylight permit good climbing conditions for only a brief period in July and August. Unfortunately, these are the months when glacier conditions are often at their worst. Large pack ice limits the sea approach, so expeditions typically require airlifts. The three primary peaks of the Watkins Range, are all nunataks, high mountains protruding through glacial ice. Of these, Gunnbjorn's Fjeld (12,139 ft./3,700 m.) is  Greenland's highest peak. The peaks of Schweizer Land are a second group of high east coast peaks, located south of the Watkins Range. The highest of these is Mont Forel (11,024 ft./3360m). A more accessible alternative to the Watkins Mountains and/or Schweizer Land Mountains are the mountains in the far south, just north of Cape Farewell. These mountains are relatively small, but their climbing season is longer, and they are easily accessible from Narssarsuaq, a small port area with an airfield. The highest of these peaks is Mount Patuersoq (8989 ft/ 2740m). The mountains of the west coast are also reasonably accessible, as much of the coast is approachable year round by sea. Godthaab, Greenland's capital city, is located on the west coast, just south of Sukkertoppen, a large subsidiary ice cap from which rises the west coast's highest peak, Mount Atter (9,183 ft.).

Peaks of Greenland

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