The Caribbean

There are fine mountains throughout the islands of the Caribbean Sea, including Jamaica's Blue Mountains, Cuba's Sierra Maestra, and Puerto Rico's rainforest-blanketed Sierra de Luquillo. The highest mountains of the Caribbean islands are on the island of Hispaniola, where high, isolated peaks rise above the landscapes on both the Haitian and Dominican sides of the island. The Dominican Republic is home to the Caribbean's highest peak, Pico Duarte (10,128 ft.). Further east, the Caribbean islands are small and volcanic, often centered around a single volcanic cone. Most of these volcanoes have had very active and destructive histories. The most famous of these are Soufriere (4,048 ft./1,234 m.) and Mont Pelee (4,583 ft./1,397 m.), situated on St. Vincent and Martinique respectively. These peaks owe their fame in part to their having both erupting on consecutive days in May 1902. On May 7, Soufriere erupted, killing 1600 people. The following day, May 8, Mont Pelee erupted, killing 30,000 people who were gathered for a festival in the town of St. Pierre.

Peaks of The Caribbean

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