Graian Alps

Part of the Western Alps, the Graians are a compact mountain chain, located along the border of France and Italy. They are due north of the Cottian Alps, northeast of the Dauphine. and southeast of Mont Blanc. The chain is well glaciated, and alive with scenic beauty. The only peak that surpasses 4000 meters is Gran Paradiso (13,323 ft./4,061 m.), but there is excellent climbing on the many 3000 meter peaks. Another significant peak in the range is Roche Melon (11,605 ft./3,538 m.), which in 1358 became the first Alpine peak to be climbed. The approach to the range is easiest from Val d'Aosta, the valley to the northeast, in which a number of forts, castles and walls instill a deep sense of the history here. Turin, Italy is a nearby major center.

Peaks of Graian Alps

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