Ozark Highlands

The Ozarks are a highland region covering over 50,000 square miles in Southern Missouri, Northern Arkansas, and Northeast Oklahoma. The highest summits are in Arkansas, where 2,000 foot ridges gaze out over the surrounding high rolling hills and deep valleys. The Ozarks are well-forested, and clear swift streams flow throughout. The 169-mile Ozark Highlands Trail provides excellent backpacking through much of Northern Arkansas, and work is underway on connecting this trail to a system of trails that winds through the Ozarks of Missouri. Upon completion, the proposed trail will be provide nearly 1,000 miles of excellent backwoods hiking. The highest point on the Ozark Highlands Trail is Hare Mountain (2,380 ft). Perhaps the finest panoramic view is west of Hare, on the bluffs atop White Rock Mountain (2,280 ft.). The highest point in Arkansas, Mount Magazine (2,753 ft.), is located further south.

Peaks of Ozark Highlands

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