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Scafell Trip Report (#14023)

  • Signed By: paul woodcock
  • Date submitted: July 09, 2002
  • Date(s) climbed: 18th Oct 2001

hello fellow climbers/hill walkers,, ive read a few of your entries and started wondering if my little story would be of intrest to anyone,

It was a cold day in October when we decided to pack our bags and head of to the lakes, with the intention of climbing scafell pike, (as i or my wife have never done so before).when we got there it seemed as though our plan to climb wasnt to be.

we pitched the tent in dreadfull conditions and settled for the night with our children and dog hoping it would be clear tommorrow.The next morning arrived, still raining and blowing, but as the day went on it cleared, It was now or never we quickly grabed our kit food and other essentials and headed off to wasdale to climb the lingmell gill path, by the time we got there and were ready for the off it was near to 1230 in the afternoon, but that wasnt going to stop us, so off we treaked. no problem, the time pushed on and so did we. myself ( a serving member of the army had no problems) my dog a stafford bull, my wife and two kids, also had no problems. well to start with anyway, as the walk got steeper the breathing got heavier. at about the brown stones point we decided to have some lunch and gather our energy. my wife was in two minds if to carry on, due to back pain. but after a good launch. we decided to, the only problem was the time, which route shall we take,the longer but easier way or up and over the lords rake shorter but a bit more demanding. "stuff it lets do it" so it was decided to go up and over the lords rake. past hollow stones and up we went, me leading with my one daughter then the other beind me followed by my wife and dog bringing up the rear. as we got to the ridge between lords rake and pulpit rock there were two genlemen sitting on the mountain rescue box having a nice cuppa, there faces has we all emerged one by one over the ridge was a picture, i wish i could have captured ( by the way if the genlemen who were there see this please let me know Ta!) The one offered my younger daughter a sweet and said "I dont know whos more stupid you or her" not knowing id done coures after course on M,E,L,the rest of the family gathered and we push on to the summit only another 600m or so. by this time the sun had started to go down and i reckoned that we only had a few hours of light left. we decided to go down the longer but easier route due to lack of light it had taken us 4 1/2 hours to get up so i was a little worried, I put the youngest on my shoulders and off we went, as we got near the bottom it was getting quite dark so the tourches came out and our adventure was almost over. It was 730pm when we got to the carpark to find only two cars, ours and another of which i presume belonged to a group of people who were some distance behind us on the decent. tired and hungry, but full of achevment we headed back to our well coming tent to tell stories of our day. You might be wondering why ive gone on the way i have, i,ll tell you my oldest daughter was only 9 and my youngest was only 3 at the time, and i still wonder if shes the youngest person to have ever climbed scafell pike. since then we have attemted snowdon but the weather was to bad, who knows whats next for her in the future (everest look out) with thanks to my wife debbie my daughters amy & emily and my dog xena,( he who dares wins)

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