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Scafell Trip Report (#14025)

  • Signed By: Robert Gregory
  • Date submitted: June 09, 2002
  • Date(s) climbed: 6th June 2002

In blazing sunshine we left the farm at Seathwaite and began the final leg of the quest set by my son Tom some five years ago climb the highest peaks in the UK and Ireland.

Snowdon was knocked off easliy in 1997 and then during a family holiday we saw the back of Ben Nevis over a very long hot day.

1998 and my daughter got in on the act and we again tamed Snowdon. A break for a while followed as I worked abroad then last year saw Tom and Emma (my son and daughter) and I strike out to the Emerald Isle. Carrantough Hill in the mist and rain was quite an accomplishment.

Now throughout all this there has been a figure of fun in our house. Julie my wife. You see she has been to the top of Snowdon, as a girl, but by railway! Children can be so cruel once they find a weak spot.

So last year after the Irish adventure she determined to get with the flow and joined us as we ventured up Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons.

Now she aches and has blisters but has completed the first one ......she too wants to climb the four!

From Seathwaite over a made up path in the sunshine was the perfect start for the four of us. Quite a number of other walkers joined us too but thinned out considerably at Stockley Bridge as we continued alongside Gains Gill towards Allen Crags. Great End was covered in mist at the top but the closer we got the more the sun shone and burnt off the mist.

Soon there were few others on the hill apart from the sheep.This is pretty easy dad they said . We continued up past Esk Hause to Long Pike for the finale,little did the gloating children realise that the roller coaster approach was getting closer. It was tough in the heat but nevertheless we cracked on happy in the knowledge that we were in sight of the goal started so long ago.

The final push up the steep side was over so soon it was almost an anti climax to reach the top which was as busy as Keswick high street! ( Including incidentally the most obnoxious family whos children shoud have been elboed off whatever path they took on the way up)

Nevertheless even Jocaster and Tarquin fighting over the diet coke and catering pack of crisps could not diminish our achievements.The views were fantastic the majority of the walkers were thrilled to be at the summit like us.

Now all we had to do was return to the car.

We took the "scramble" route down from the peak to join up with the Corridor Route. As we negociated the valley banks we were given a display of low level flying courtesy of the RAF. The children wouldn't believe that I'd ordered it but it was worth a try!From Sty Head it was a steady walk along side Styhead Gill untill we returned back to Stockley Bridge.

All that was left to do was to order tea and the most amazing sticky toffee pudding from the Derwent Head Cafe in the farm and scoff the lot. Seven hours and thiry minutes. Ages ranging from 13 to forty. Hell we deserved it and it was woth it too!

Now all we have to do is repeat until Emma and Julie have completed them too!

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