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Scafell Trip Report (#14034)

I went up in my brothers size 7 climbing boots bcos I'm not a big climber really. So I went up in 4 pairs of socks 2. Earlier in my holiday I hads climbed the White Maiden which is a smaller mountain closer to our original campsite at Seithwaite. Due to the fact that I slipped down most of that I think proper footwear really was called 4. I went up with my sister and her husband, my brother and 6 of their friends. It was a misty day so I would reccomend checking the weather before setting out, going with someone who knows what they're doing and taking a whistle if it happens to be misty. Also, if the fog or mist sets in, staying with whoever you're with and don't go up alone unless you've been with someone else before.

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