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Tryfan Trip Report (#14771)

  • Signed By: Rob Shaw
  • Date submitted: February 04, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 22/12/00

Ok, I was looking for a nice quiet day on the rock, something simple but long, on the shortest day last year. First Pinacle rib looked quiet for once. with some variations it's a cracking route on a crisp clear winters day,cloud slowly rolling in over the hills from Capel. As we got to the yellow slab my partner Chis, slipped in a cam on the pinnacle, this was fine until he tried to retrive it, the cam slipped to full contraction and wouldn't budge, he'd had a new set of cams as a wedding present and wasn't about to leave them on the hill, for about 10 minuites the cam was waggled, cursed and prodded to no avail, this was a serious £30 problem, after about 1/2 an hour i was consoling him to the resigned loss of a good friend. Looking closer i noticied it wasn't his cam, but mine ! this was now really serious. nuff to say it got a severe bending but eventually gave up it's grip. OK where do the helicopters come in, well there do a lot of training don't they, and they love Tryfan, we'ed had a nice yellowy/orange one and a couple of bigger green one's come and have a look at us, probably curious to see why we were spending so long on the yellow slab !!! I couldn't quite read the pilots name on his helmet so he came closer to let me have a better look.My partner Chris said 'oooh look, he's waving to you', I had my hands full so could not reciprocate the gesture. The close proximity of the chopper had turned the mild breeze into a force 10 and the noise was defening, eventually with one hand free i did manage a gesture to the pilot, not the one he wanted i don't think. anyway, the jolly copter popped off to give somone else a b*** job. Just topping out, Not disimilar to a Spielburg movie, the air grew heavy with the sound of some malevolent approacing beast, as we were engulfed in shaddow i remarked 'ooooh look this one's got two big wirly bit's on the top' 'twice as windy'. My partner, i think, questioned the quality of engine management system, he was getting a bad hair day. I've fortunatley never had to have a ride in one of these, and 'total respect' they well deserve all the support and praise they get from us mountain folk.

Ps Is the urban myth about touching a wheel on Adam & Eve true, anyone know?

Pps, sorry sexisum, the crews could have been female. Rob

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