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Tryfan Trip Report (#14763)

  • Signed By: Nick Warren
  • Date submitted: March 17, 2002
  • Date(s) climbed: 14th March 2002
  • Number of People Encountered:

The day started a little too early for most peoples liking but as it would go on to prove, it was more than worth it and became a fitting end to a week of unparalleled experiences.

We began our ascent of the North Face just before 8am, there were 8 of us overall - 2 experienced climbers and 6 complete novices. At first the quick pace set by our leaders had a few of us struggling, but a stern talking to and the removal of a few layers soon put us back on track. As the next hour ticked over and the road and lake below became smaller and smaller, we began to fully appreciate our undertaking and a bizarre mixture of excitement and regret began to sink in.

Upto this point the wind hadn't really been a feature, but all of this was to change as we began to reach the more exposed areas of the climb. It's a strange feeling - hanging onto the rock face with your fingernails, with the wind trying to blow you off whilst you're trying to find something else to grip onto....

After a few photos at the Canon Stone we set off for the top - but which top? How many false summits can this Peak have...? Many more "emotional moments" later and the first fingers were laid down upon the summit. Words can not describe the feelings stirred up inside us all, for words are simply not enough. The views were breathtaking, made all the more stunning by the complete absence of any bad weather - a blessing which had been with us all week.

Now at the summit, even greater reserves had to be dug into to make the infamous Adam & Eve leap. WOW, what a feeling! Again words fail me. To celebrate the occasion we broke out the now frozen Mars Bars and Bananas brought along to boost our energy levels. But this proved too much like hard work without the use of a hammer and chisel.

The descent was just as eventful as the ascent, if a little less windy with the car park eventually coming back into sight after and hour or so.

Total time taken up and down = 4hrs 1min.

Time taken to comprehend the achievement = no idea.....

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