Mount Maria

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Mount Maria is coverered in Eucalypt forest, with wattles, grevilleas and an abundance of grass trees. On the eastern and western sides there are cliffy areas suitable for abseiling. The pacific ocean may be viewed to the east. The northern and southern sides are the easiest route to the summit as they're part of the ridgeline. An easy mountain to climb with no hands required if traversing the northern or southern sides. An eastern or western approach will provide some moderately easy rock climbing. There are also parts of both the eastern and western sides where unnesessary yet more challenging rock climbing may be effected. There are no walking tracks up the mountain so you may pick your own way. The mountain is by no means isolated as numerous bush homesteads and farming land surrounds the area. The mountain is easily ascended and descended in a day. The nearest road is a bare two kilometres away and the small township of Rosedale is roughly only a twenty kilometre drive from this road. A number of other small mountain peaks of roughly the same size surround Mount Maria. To climb the mountain you must enter private property as a number of properties surround the mountains in the area. The locals are extremely friendly people and their property entrances are situated along the roads that surround this little range within the Great Dividing Range chain. They should be pleased to let you begin your ascent from their property if you care to drive onto their land and ask permission.

Elevation (feet): 1,106
Elevation (meters): 337
Continent: Australia/Oceania
Country: Australia
Difficulty: Walk up
Year first climbed: 2000
First successful climber(s): Jarrod Neish
Nearest major airport: Bundaberg
Convenient Center: Rosedale

Thanks to Jarrod Neish for adding this peak.

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