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Matterhorn Trip Report (#14839)

  • Signed By: Henk de Dreu
  • Date submitted: February 15, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 1 august 2003 5 august 2003
  • Number of People Encountered:

I did it without a guide and with little experience. (Hörnli Ridge)

first attempt: half way (I was not sure of the right way)

second attempt: ice and snow from the start of the climb. I reached Solvay-hütte and was afraid to climb down. Got some help from a friendly guide.

third attempt: met a friend and reached the summit.

We lost our way descending on the Italian side.

Helicopter took us down at about 8 oclock in the evening.

fourth attempt: I reached the summit all by my self.

Weather was beautiful. Not many people (because the mountain had been closed shortly before)

Beautiful mountain. Dangerous though.Several accidents occurred in that time. Hard to find your way without a guide. I am 53 years old.

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