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Matterhorn Trip Report (#14841)

  • Signed By: Peter J. Laramy of Cheyenne, KS, USA
  • Date submitted: February 13, 2004

I've come close to topping the beast, but rapidly declining weather conditions sent me and my guide scurrying (as carefully and quickly as possible in fog and rain) back down again when we were on the last almost vertical scramble of the top section.

Perhaps next time I shall encounter better weather, and being an avid paraglider, would like to jump off the top and sail down into Zermatt, to be greeted by the cheers of wellwishers in the town square, complete with brass band. I believe it can be done. If no one else has done so before, I shall be the first, and hopefully receive worldwide coverage of this event via ABC's 'Wide World of Sports'. Planning for an event of such magnitude requires massive planning, which I must embark upon immediately and with utmost intensity.


-Peter Laramy

-Future Star of ABC's 'Wide World of Sports' and shall be known as "The Man who paraglided from the Matterhorn"

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