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Finsteraarhorn Trip Report (#14885)

  • Signed By: Javier Corripio
  • Date submitted: April 26, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 17 April, 2003

Beautiful peak at the heart of the Impressive Berner Oberland (nearby Konkordia Platz is ice 3km wide, 2km length, 1km thick!)

Summited on 17 April, 2003 (with Cecile, Jorge and Javier). Good anticyclonic conditions. Hard snow on the ascent, OK with ski crampons. Only two minor crevasses and well covered rimaye at 3600m, before crossing the ridge (jump on the way down). Reliable ice on the summit ridge and solid rock, the better nearer the ridge. Technically easy but exposed and aerial. Rope optional, depending on technique and training. Beautiful views! and interesting talk to an Swiss mountaineer, 62 years old, at the top

Snow still hard at midday on the descent on the upper section, but good grip on the skis slushy on the lower section, with tiny penitentes forming on the surface after a long term of sunny weather. Good Swiss-German beer at Konkordiahütte to celebrate.

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