Huayna Potosi

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Huayna Potosi Trip Report (#3059)

  • Signed By: Paul O Sullivan of Dublin, Ireland
  • Date submitted: September 21, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 21-09-2003
  • Number of People Encountered:

My guide and I summitted at 5.51am this morning, first to the top on a busy Sunday. Climbed in two days (Day 1: 2 hrs to high camp, 5200m, Day 2: 3hrs 20mins to summit, 2 hrs back to high camp, 1 hr down to Zongo road) Not sure how we sprinted up so fast, but we got there just for sunrise, with electric storms cracking off to the East the whole way.My first 6,000er, but no great difficulties although its high and therefore hard. There is now a widening crevasse above Argentino, spanned by two ladders, followed by a small patch of vertical ice and 70 deg snow slope (may be impassable for mortals like me pretty soon). And the final 200m snow slope is excruciating. But it was fantastic. A real mounatineering adventure, but accessible for novices like me.

PS. My guide was brilliant. Super safe and professional. Sissillio from Akhamani, office on Llampu in La Paz (Couldn't have done it without Ignacio's vegetable soup either!)

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