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Hasandag Trip Report (#15131)

  • Signed By: EMEL KARADAL
  • Date submitted: February 08, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 08 february 2004

I come from the Village that is at the foot of the volcano. Helvadere. It is know that the valcano has always been know as our volcano. Me and my family climed the volcano in 2000 and it was the best experience of my life. It took us two days to climb it and get back down to helvadere.we stopped at our villages yayla when we were climbing. Take alot of water and dont wasit it. we nearly died coz we ran out of water. so my cousin that is use to the weather and the area went ahead of us and put snow in his shirt and we had to suck it through our head scarfs. What an experience and I wil never forget it. Fantastic sight when you get to the peak. everything looks so small. low air, so if you have asma, take asma pumps. my mum had asma, she had her pump with her. but still could not stay at the high peak so she went back down to where the snow was. Thats the bit of snow that you can see all through summer. it never melts. When you do see that bit of snow it looks alittle bit but its the same size of a football pitch. It was a tremendos time that ever had.

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