Mount Hunter

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Mount Hunter Trip Report (#3180)

  • Signed By: Todd Deis of Dayton, OH, USA
  • Date submitted: August 30, 2003

Matt Howard and I flew into the thunder glacier on March 10 1995 to make a winter ascent of the south west ridge. That night it was 50- and a 15 mph wind was coming down glacier from the awesome 7000ft south face at the end of the thunder glacier. Even with a 40- bag and overbad and sleeping in everything I owned I was almost warm. The next day the temp warmed up to 40- and we still had the wind so like rookie winter ak range climbers we sat around and said what the fuck are we doing here. After another day we decided to go look at the chute which led up to the route and lo and behold there was a inversion only 200 ft up it was 10-. We decided to move camp up to the chute under a huge boulder,and it was in the sun. The temps were still 40 below at night but the days were now in the 10 to 15 below zone. We only had 5 days left now and we had given up on the route because the week before the area had been hit by 100mph winds scouring the snow away into dangerous hard slabs. We now filled our days with smoking herb and hiking up into the nearby chutes to ski down. We also injoyed watching the serac avalanches come down. On day 5 the night was clear with no warning whatsoever that a huge storm was closing in but in the morning spindrift was blowing into the bibler. It snowed 3 ft and slab avalanches boomed in the distance our western mtn down bags got really wet and we were cold alot. Little did we know but our rei special tent down below was breaking and ripping to shreads. The storm lasted two days and then it cleared off later in the day we heard a plane it was jay hudson we radioed and said to call TAT and get us out. We packed up and skied into the ice box valley and yes it was still 50-,fuck where the bud at fool I said to matt. After 7 days we wanted out, then I heard it a droan then a roar as the roderickter aka Paul buzzed us then landed then tookoff to pack a runway. We threw our shit in and bearly took off before a big slot. When we got back we were happy to have survived the range In winter. We didnt summit or climb much but Ill be back some day to tick the summit god willing.

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