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Illimani Trip Report (#3263)

  • Signed By: Ben Folsom
  • Date submitted: August 30, 2001

Sorry, my first log is a mistake. It says four days from Sorata. I was confusing it with Illampu. I summited this peak Solo from high camp. (my partner got sick) From La Paz it took 3 days round trip. Being alone from High Camp to the summit was amazing. Started at 3:30 AM and summited at 9:00 Am. Down to high camp in two hours and back to La Paz that same day. The stars were amazing while climbing early in the morning. The day after we got back to La Paz we had a 30 hour lay over in Miami. Went swimming in the ocean. From 21000 feet to sea level in two days. Loved it. Illimani was the seventh major peak we summited in a two month trip to Bolivia from Utah.

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