Mount Monadnock

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Mount Monadnock Trip Report (#15575)

  • Signed By: Jim Johnson
  • Date submitted: August 09, 2003

Today I decided to climb Monadnock during the ice storm. I've climbed the mountain probably 300 times, have hiked in every month and under all weather conditions except during an ice storm, so naturally............ It was raining at the Marlboro Trailhead and 'til around the halfway point near the Marian Trail jct. where there was sleet. At little higher up it was a mixture of snow and sleet. At the treeline, the wind was a constant 20-30 MPH and the ice pellets returned, pummelling my face at a 45 degree stung my nose. Visability was limited to about 50 feet, and knowing the wind would be gusting much higher at the summit, I decided to turn back. I've been at the top many times in high wind. It's terriffic when the wind is warm and visibility is good, but to continue on would have been insane....even with the crampons and all the necessary gear I came prepared with. Winter hiking this year was the best ever. The snow has been packed down by hikers on snowshoes, skis, and on foot all season. I've hiked at least once a week since Aug., except when it was bitter cold............hiking is supposed to be enjoyable after all. In places, crampons are a necessity now that the weather is warming and the ice is starting to flow. Soon the snow and ice will melt as the days lengthen. I'm looking forward to seeing the snow capped Green and White Mountains on a warm, clear Spring day before the bugs return.

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