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Mulhacen Trip Report (#15615)

  • Signed By: Alfredo Aguilar
  • Date submitted: November 21, 2001
  • Number of People Encountered:

I planned to celebrate my 50th anniversary at the summit of Mulhacen but for a number of reasosn I had to postpone the cellebration a few days. We were a group of 4, José María Camacho (Sr), JM Camacho (Jr), my son Eduardo Aguilar and myself. We went through the "normal" path from the Albergues, a ski resort(2550m) to the summit. It takes 4-5h from the Albergues to the hut. We stayed overnight at the Caldera hut (3080m, bring your own sleeping bug and food). Next morning we climbed up to the top (3481m). It took about 2 hours. The lanscape was superb, windy but a clear day. I still remember the silence up there. Special mention has to be given to the courageous attitude of José María (Sr) that in spite of the physical efforts the smile never dissapeared from his face. Bravo!

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