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Mulhacen Trip Report (#15617)

Summited with my father in law (60yo, and climbing like a gazelle), from the ski resort, Sol Y Nieves. In winter, the road to the summits, Mulhacen and Velleta are impassable, so we had to climb amongst the ski slopes, with people skiing around us. Weird. Then, after the col at velleta, we went to the main refugio (Calqueira ?). wich is quite confortable. I had originally planned to sleep in the small refugio between Velleta and Mulhacen, but it is nothing but a crude stone hut, so if you like your comfort, better go to the good one. Then on the morning, we climbed through easy scree. Then a long descent in the snow, which was often deep and so very tiring (10 km) back to the ski resort. Absolutely no problem, but the way back was very titing, you know, when each step you dont know if the snow crust is gonna hold, or if you are going to get through until mid thigh. Flat terrain, but boring/tiring. Of course up there the view is magnificent, you can see as far as the Riff range in Africa. If you go through the ski resort, go to the TELEMARK shop, where you can find Lui or Ricardo, who guided us and are very nice and competent. BTW, not many people at the ski resort, and the slopes look good, so think of it for your next winter vacations, it should not be very expensive. And the Jamon (raw ham) is soooooo good.

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