Mount Mansfield

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Mount Mansfield Trip Report (#15754)

  • Signed By: Yury Konev
  • Date submitted: October 12, 2004

This was my 2nd time up the mountain. The first time was up the toll road in 2003. This time I went up the 2.3 mile Long Trail off Rt. 108. It took a little under 2 hours for the 2,800 foot ascent. The trail was very muddy and slippery (brought the trekking poles with me) due to the heavy recent rain, though today was absolutely gorgeous once the cold front pushed on through the day before. Today, you couldn't have asked for better views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. From the top (4,393 feet), I walked down the Long Trail for a mile to the visitor center. Then, I proceeded to walk a half mile down the toll road and,then, beared left onto the 1.9 mile Hazleton Trail (very wet). At the end of the trail, at the Stowe Ski Resort gondola, I walked the last .2 miles along Rt. 108 back to the trailhead. Overall, it was a great day for hiking, but the trails need to dry up a bit.

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