Mont-blanc Du Tacul

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Mont-blanc Du Tacul Trip Report (#15816)

  • Signed By: T
  • Date submitted: January 15, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 1993 and now and again subsequently

Lovely hill, great for training/aclimatisation, not the kind of thing that you would actually sign a visitor's book on. General snow/ice at 30-50 degrees, small rocky summit with tubular aluminium cross but many visitors do not bother with the last (crowded) little bit on the top. My first use of crampons on snow. Many walk up it as first hill of the season to aclimatise but you may want to consider the petit Aguile Vert first if this is your first time in the alps.

If this is first time on hills, travel light and enjoy. If you feel any illness/headache go straight down and try again the next day.

Good introduction to snow, need commom sense and use of crampons, walking ice axe, and rope.

Telepherique about 280FF return (each). Get to telepherique station before 7:00 am!!!! in mid summer or don't even bother trying (yes I do mean 7:00 am!!)

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