Aiguille Du Midi

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Aiguille Du Midi Trip Report (#15830)

  • Signed By: Stan Sattelberg
  • Date submitted: April 17, 2002
  • Date(s) climbed: 2 Jul 1967

Ihad only a one day weekend from a job in Genoa. I rode the evening train through Torino to Aosta. thenby bus to Courmayeur. After Saturday night in a hotel in Entreves I walked to the base of the tram system that runs in steps up and over the glaciers and down into Chamonix. I got off the tram at the Flambeaux station and hiked down onto the Glacier du Geant and hiked alone toward the Aiguille du Midi passsing below the great crevasses at the foot of Mt. Blanc du Tacul. Just below the Midi I was interrupted by the Bergschrund but was able to find a spot where I could step across. Then I traversed right to the northeast ridge where I found tracks in the snow indicating that I would be able to reach the top and hopefully ride the tram system back to Entreves. From the observation platforms and the restaurant, I appreciated what I thought was one of the most beautiful scenes in the Alps. I was happy to ride the trams back because clouds closed in and I had to be back at my job in Genoa next morning.

I was fortunate to be there on a clear windless day and to find the glaciers safe to cross alone with the crevasses easy to avoid.

Stan Sattelberg

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