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Canigou Trip Report (#15878)

  • Signed By: Roger Hoorens
  • Date submitted: November 21, 2001
  • Number of People Encountered:

Summit route is not difficult but really beautiful. When approaching from Mariailles via Pla de Barbet,last part can be tricky in bad weather conditions. Rain / snow makes cheminée very slippery. Last part exposed and often windy. Not very technical ascent, but good condition is needed. Terrain is easier, and route shorter when approaching from Cortalets. Magnificent view from summit. Mediterranean sea in the east, Corbierre mountains in the north, beautiful peaks in the west.

Worth the effort. Best in spring or autumn. Summer can be very hot in this part op the Pyrenees-range (makes climbing a lot more difficult). In winter mountaineering / climbing-equipment is needed in order to keep your climb safe.

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