James Peak

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James Peak Trip Report (#16105)

  • Signed By: Jon Bradford
  • Date submitted: November 18, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 1/21/01 and 9/1/01

James Peak is a fun mountain with easy access. St. Mary's Glacier (er permanent snow field) provides an interestting escalator to the broad tundra on Jame's east side.

From this flat expanse (sometimes called Jamaica) James' summit is a nice easy pull. However in my experience (and I've attempted this mountian probably 4 times

without summiting) durring the winter months climbing James can be an exercise in masochism. The wind spilling accross the continental divide is cruel, prone to throwing

spindrift in your face, and capable of producing blizzards with very little warning. I've sat behind Jamaica's rock island watching Jame's summit sparkle in the sun and within

20 minutes James was obscured by clouds and visability was down to perhaps 30 feet.

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