Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#4083)

  • Signed By: paul lanyi
  • Date submitted: October 08, 2004

went with REI Adventures who subbed out to Tanzania Serengeti Adventures. Excellent group. Our guide was 5' 2" Peter Mato who has summitted over 480 times! He was superb.

The approach to Kibo was fun, easy and made even easier by Peter's amazing spirit. Drink plenty of water: you should pretty much always have to pee.

Eat everything they give you. You'll need the energy.

Kibo to Gillman's was a hump. You just go out in the dark and put one foot in front of the other. But the reward of the sun rising over africa is definitely worth it.

I used Diamox as did 7 others in our 8 person group.

Your porters will appreciate gifts (used boots, jackets, pants, swiss army knives). if you think they did a good job, show them.

Good luck!


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