Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3831)

Jennifer Lambelet Mencken, of Long Beach, California, a fit and experienced hiker, having hiked in the Sierras, in Alaska, and in the Himilayas (among other locations), including altitudes greater than 19,000 ft., summited Mt Kilimanjaro January 1, 2000.

There she collapsed and died from high altitude pulminary edema.

My sister died doing what she loved, but am I wrong to wonder: It is clear she was symptomatic of HAPE for 1-2 days--shouldn't the paid, professional guides have done something? HAPE is the number one cause of death at high altitudes, and is a concern at any altitude over 8,000ft.--shouldn't standard equipment for going up MT Kilimanjaro include oxygen?

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