Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3930)

  • Signed By: Myron Chan
  • Date submitted: May 13, 2004

We, a party of 3 guys, reached the Uhuru peak. It was such a wonderful experience. It's alright for the altitude though had some headache but good sleep, lots of water and food helped a lot. The view from the peak is beautiful. Don't stop at the Gillman's Point. It's worth to walk up. The night to walkup was starry and look back view is also pretty.

Our trip was shortened from 4 nights to 3 nights where the stay at the Mandara Hut was skipped due to a big group fully booked the hut. We were acknoledged only when we arrived at the Marangu gate at 11a.m. We decided to go forward and that day we hiked 2 sections which climbed 1800m in about 7hrs. We arrived at Horombo Hut even earlier than porters. We were not aware of the sudden climb that we were starved and cold having all our thick clothing with porters and wait for hot food. We even didn't have time to take altitude pills (Diamox) 24hrs before reaching above 3000m. Two of us have never been above 3000m also. It's really a challenge to us. Thanks God for giving us strength and keeping us healthy.

My advice is don't walk too fast or too slow. Trek from Horombo to Kibo to peak to Kibo and back to Horombo is a long journey of more than 15hrs walk. So rest as much as possible.

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