Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#4077)

Ascent route: Machame route with Western Breach Option. First night Machame Hut--2nd night at Shira camp..3rd night at Lava Tower (please note--a few of the tour groups would recommend that you stay two nights at Shira camp-I would vote against that and stay at Lava Tower, for the third night. This will leave you a short ascent to Arrow camp the next day.)It is a long way from Shira camp to the Meweka Hut. Do to some ice problems on route, we did a lot of scrambling to find a good route up the Western Breach. Met with fierce cold winds at crater rim. Windstopper was no match for the winds and had to switch to expedition mitts and a heavy duty balacava. We made it to the summit from Arrow camp in 6 hours and 15 min. (age's 54-myself and 60-James Mook) Zara tours (EWP)--put together a first class team--Main guide Maiko and his brother as assistant guide, (entire team was the best). This route is not for an easy way is not just a walk-up!!! I would rate this climb (Western Breach Route) slightly harder then Elbrus due to the rock route. Please feel free to email for information. HAVE A GREAT SUNSET AND AN EVEN BETTER SUNRISE...SIERRAHIKER/MTWHITNEY/MICHAEL

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