Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3692)

Utilized Zara as tour guide up Machame route. In addition to the obvious statements reminding future treksters to drink and go slow, it never dawned on me that I should have practiced shitting through a five by seven inch hole in an outhouse floor. Which reminds me, bring your own toilet paper. And hopefully you are not acutely sensitive to body odor. With regard to Diamox, I cannot say for certain that it works since I only took one 125 mg tablet at approximately 17,500 feet and promptly puked due to altitude sickness. Our water then froze. Dehydration seemed to only slightly dampen the exhilaration associated with having my picture taken next to the sign at Uhuru. Remember that it is a long, dry walk/ski through the scree during descent. Plus, we only had 45 minutes of rest back at the camp before we had to walk for several more hours to the next camp. So yes, Kili is one hell of a slogfest. And it would seem that I am complaining. Now for the positive aspects: Achieving a goal. Walking through a pristine area full of fantastic flowers- imagine a Monet with Christmas lights scattered everywhere. The people are wonderful. Just try to learn some Swahili if possible to maximize interactions. And take lots of one dollar bills for the ubiquitous porters. And for all of you Americans- if you fly KLM to Mount Kilimanjaro, spend a few days in Amsterdam coming and going. Museums, splendid architecture, hashish and so much more. But I digress. Asante sana Kili. You are primitive perfection.

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