Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3792)

  • Signed By: Alan
  • Date submitted: March 07, 2004

Knocked out that ol' dormant dog via the machame route. How about that final ascent to the summit.

Getting out of a nice warm sleeping bag at midnight stepping out of your tent into the cold darkness and then going straight up the gut in three inch scree, wasn't that a bitch!! But getting to Stellas Point and the sun breaking out over the African plain and a mad dash around the ridge to Uhuru Peak looking 360o view of the dark continent and of course getting your picture taken with your hiking parteners with that old rickety wood sign with yellow letters saying your at the highest point in Africa, and all of a sudden this incredible peace and feeling of accomplishment courses through ya. It was a fulfilled goal and nothing can take it away.

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