Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3965)

I climbed Kili via Machame -Western breach-Mweka route in 5 days (six or seven days would have been MUCH more desirable.) I paid $600, and carried my own gear. I had a guide and a poter, who were great and worked hard. I went in the dry season but it rained (for couple of hours) pretty much every day, and sometimes two three times a day.

Bring Hiking POLES they are a must. Go SLOW! You feel great and full of energy and you want to fly up. But do not, for the headache will come and torture you all the way up. Drink WATER!. It is cold and you do not feel like drinking but make yourself do it. Also water may freeze on the summit day so keep that in mind. Food is ok on the trek, but bring POWER BARS with you ~(one per day and two for the summit night/day.) Put SUNBLOCK in your pocket on the summit day. It is cold and you do not feel like putting it on, but there are plenty of burned faces walking around aftewards. Kili is a great mountan. Africa is very romantic. If you have time climb Mt. Meru. It is beautiful and a great trek (before or after Kili.)

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