Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#4045)

  • Signed By: Mike Pope
  • Date submitted: August 31, 2004

The months of planning, mentally preparing for the unknown (above 3000m), meeting and climbing with a great bunch of people, including 9 year old Antoine van Heerden. Then after having traversed the Machame Route, finally 'arriving' at Uhuru, one is overcome by the whole spectrum of emotions, physically and emotionally! The expected sunrise was replaced by a freezing blizzard, which gave the whole climb a completely different perspective.

The guides and porters are the unsung hero's of Kilimanjaro, the loads the porters carry from camp to camp leave us mortals in awe and one almost feels ashamed to complain about any discomfort experienced.

For me this was and will forever be, an unforgettable Life Experience.

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