Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#3674)

6 girls from Norway,on their 10th "anniversary"

mountaintrek,what better place to celebrate then

Kilimanjaro?.(Past 9 years spent in the norwegian

mountains-one week every august.)Went on the Rongai

route;very nice,uncrowded,lovely scenery,a great

team of porters,cooks and guides.4 out of 6 made it

to Gillman Point,without headache (3 took diamox)

or vomiting.What a great feeling to sit there and

watch the sunrise!!.So now what shall we do for our

15 th anniversary??.Or maybe we will be too old for

the peaks like Kilimanjaro.A BIG thanks to Everest,

John and Richard,3 of the best guides,who really

helped us get to the summit.Britt,Turid,Ellen and

Kari...from Oslo,Norway.

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