Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#4022)

Made the summit with my wife (who had never been above 5000') on Aug 23, 2000, 6 day Marangu Route climb, with Zara Tours and our excellent guide, Jackson. Physically I found it to be much ado about nothing. Dealing with the altitude is the hardest part. Don't listen to the "downers" and their stories of hell on the mountain. I was told how miserably cold it was and how bad the wind was, etc. I felt overdressed and overheated on summit day and the water didn't freeze until we reached the crater rim, but by then the sun was coming out, then it got downright hot. Unless you are unprepared, badly out of shape or encounter some rare bad weather, the climb is easy. Be positive to climbers coming up when you are going down and tip the guides and porters well.

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