Mount Kilimanjaro

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Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#4048)

  • Signed By: Kehl Mandt
  • Date submitted: September 03, 2004

It took me six days to climb the mountain and nothing could have prepared me for the challange. I climbed the marango route which is the easiest. But at the same time I got a bad flu type virus so the whole way up I was very sick knowing that I had to make it to the top. From the last hut, Kibo I left at midnight and walked eight and a half hours. Imediately befor the walk and not having eaten much in three days because of the flu I threw up half from nerves half from illness. Those 8 hours were very difficult on switchbacks in freezing cold night. When I finally got there I was so amazed that I had walked the 19340ft that i cried. It was an amazing experience. No climbing necessary, hiking boots are all you need.

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