Kita Dake

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Kita Dake Trip Report (#4188)

South Alps Trip: Tokyo [August 16 night] -> Hirogawara [August 17 6am] -> Kitadake [noon] -> Kumanodaira campground [5pm, overnight] -> Shiomidake [August 18 2pm] -> Sanpuku campground [4pm, overnight] -> Sanpuku Pass -> Shiokawa [August 19 noon] -> Tokyo.

This was a fine trip, except for the bad fall below Sanpuku Pass in which I suffered a large bruise on my face and numerous cuts on my arm, shoulder, and legs.

Most climbers use the mountain huts which provide lodging and food, but I refused to do so and took my tent, sleeping bag, and my own food. Therefore, the ascent of Kitadake, with a full backpack, was quite tiring (it can be done in 6 hours nonetheless).

The Kitadake area is quite crowded, but the crowds diminish south of the peak. South of Ainodake, which lies at the junction of the main crest and the spur going east toward Notori-dake, it's possible to enjoy solitude now and then.

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