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One of the many 17,000 ft peaks in the Condoriri Massif. The area can be reached in a few hours from La Paz, and a three hour hike leads you to a beautiful base camp at the basis of the Tarija glacier under the Condoriri. From the base camp (Campo Argentino), where plenty of water is available, a one hour hike takes you to the tongue of the glacier. From there one can attempt many different interesting peaks including Piramide Blanca, Pequeno Alpamayo, Ilusion, Ilusioncita, Aguja Negra, and Huallomen. They are all reacheable in a few hours from the beginning of the glacier.

Elevation (feet): 17,241
Elevation (meters): 5,255
Continent: South America
Country: Bolivia
Range/Region: Bolivian Andes
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: La Paz
Convenient Center: La Paz

Thanks to Daniele C. Struppa for adding this peak.

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Trip Reports

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There are 6 trip reports for Tarija.

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  • Log #16714 - by Tacio Philip Sansonovski on Aug 02, 2004
    wonderful view of Pequeno Alpamayo (we don't climb cause we reach Tarija too late), Condoriri, Huayna-Potosi and Sajama (more than 350km far away!) and many many others... maybe next year I'll back...
  • Log #16715 - by karsten delap on July 27, 2004
    summited on the way to pequena alpamyo. nice view of the route. Dan watch the red drinks next time man!
  • Log #16716 - by Climbing with Bob on Sep 03, 2002
    Climbed enroute to Pequeno Alpamayo. Trip was with Colorado Mountain School of Estes Park, CO. Went on to summit P. Alpamayo.
  • Log #16717 - by Kathy Lennon on Dec 29, 2001
    bloody beautiful!, the view over Pequeño Alpamayo from Pico Tarija was impressive, and my guide Luis even better, he is amazing he climbs all these mountains at least once a week the whole year...
  • Log #16718 - by Mark on Aug 26, 2001
    I'm pretty sure this sub-peak is 5,060 m, not the 5,255m listed on the home page.
  • Log #16719 - by Daniele and Alessandro Struppa on July 25, 2001
    Climbed it with a Mountain Madness group. The view from the top is great as you can see Pequeno Alpamayo only an hour away (in fact, Tarija is often an intermediate step to Pequeno Alpamayo). The...