Pequeno Alpamayo

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Pequeno Alpamayo Trip Report (#16741)

  • Signed By: Mark
  • Date submitted: July 28, 2001

It's best to start early--no later than 3:00 a.m. In July, the glacier approach was easy, without any meaningful crevasses [we didn't rope up until later, on Tarija]. The crux might be the down-climb from the Tarija sub-summit [5,060m], which Brain describes as 5.3/II but is more like mixed 4th class. The Directisima looked out of shape [unconsolidated snow] when we were there--no sign anyone had climbed it. We camped on the next plain above the normal basecamp, closer to Alpamayo, which was less crowded, cleaner and quieter. We were supported by Bolivian Journeys on Sagarnaga in La Paz, who run a great operation.

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