Cerro Rojo

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This peak is only one of the different peaks of Cordillera de Colanguill (see this Home page, or home page of Newado Lavadero or Cima Kelo.) This peak has no interrest for nobody, the altitude is on the map but I choose the name becaue the rocks, stones and sand look red. For me it was a strange feeling to summit a mountain and to find nothing who could have been a sign that already someone was on this peak before me. A strange feeling for an European, in a part of the world where ALL summits have already been climbed since a long time. Cerro Rojo (I have a beautiful picture of it) is important for me, because after a long and very tiring day to climb through loose stones the main summits of the cordillera, coming back I found my friend in safe condition and added to this long journey an (unuseful ?) ascent of a few hundert meters, just to see If everyone ever climbed there (easy climbing, just using the hands, quite good rock). Cerro Rojo is about 10 km North of the highest peak of Cordillera de Colanguill, Nevado Lavadero 6122m. I started with Stèphane Joliat, a swiss friend, an experienced cyclist, but without experience of mounteneering, and he managed to summit Cima Kelo !!) We followed from noth to south the ridge of Cordillera de Colanguill, managing to go which a jeep and the skills of Raphaîl Joliat (Raphaîl,brother of Stèphanee choose to live in Argentina, he has great knowledge of the region and summited more than once the highesth summits of the Province, i.e. Mercedario 6770m, broke unfortunately his ankle at 5200m, so he could not participate in the expedition he organized for us) until about 4500m altitude, near "the mine of iron" (mina de fierro). I would not recommend our route because (if nothing changed since 1994) the Route / trail until mina de fierro is NOT a road, NOT even a trail, and you can remain blocked if you misjudge a cross of a river for example.

Elevation (feet): 19,393
Elevation (meters): 5,911
Continent: South America
Country: Argentina
Range/Region: Central Argentina-Chile
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec
Year first climbed: December 1994
First successful climber(s): Andr� Weber
Nearest major airport: San Juan
Convenient Center: San Juan (big town)

Thanks to Andre WEBER for adding this peak.

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