Three Fingers

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Three Fingers Trip Report (#17038)

This familiar trail was a difficult as expected. The hike to Goat Flats is trying, especially for the first mile - lots of roots, mud and some scrambles over 3 large rocks on the trail. Goat Flats was scenic but very buggy. Take plenty of bug juice and don't plan on standing still! Going on to the Three Fingers summit was fantastic. Ice Axe and rope are a must, especially crossing the Queest Alb Glacier just past Camp Saddle. There was way too much exposure for this hiker (about a 1500 foot drop at 60+ degrees). On the way to the summit there is one more difficult glacier crossing where the path reminds me of going over the top hill on a roller coaster ride, you can't see where you are going until you get there! Lacking proper water supply, we were glad to discover an 'oasis' spring about 300 yards from the summit that was cool and very inviting. Of course the summit was everything we imagined with a killer view and an eclectic cabin equipped with a bed, chair, an electric iron (for looking your best on the way down) and much more. Spending the night back at Goat Flats was fun but buggy. I think we would have been better off sleeping at the summit cabin or packing all the way out. The hike down from Goat Flats the next morning was difficult becuase we had 40 lb packs. The trail has lots of big steps and the chance of twisting an ankle is high. We kept our 8 year old hikers back at home for this very reason. This is a great hike, but I'd probably try to find a less bug-infested time of the year if I were planning on camping again, maybe September. Hats off to Peter and Jay, you guys made a great summit team. Next time Dave, Reed and Kevin will get there - for sure! Total times for us were 3 hours to Goat Flats, another three to the summit, then two back down to Goat Flats and two hours back to the trailhead.

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