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Mulanje Trip Report (#5765)

  • Signed By: Andrew Routh
  • Date submitted: December 28, 2000
  • Date(s) climbed: 21 June - 28 August

I too, plunged into the warm heart of Africa with the BSES 2000 expedition to the Mulunje plateau. The trip can be described in no fewer words than 'an experience unforgetable'. Looking through my photos and reminising over those past times puts me into a very calm, solemn state; thraught with an intense desire to return to the massif. This deire is due to a few simple reasons: the regret that I had not maximised my time there; a love with the mountain - like some adolescent romance; and the wish to relive some of those moments.

Our group was named after Chagaru peak. Having Chagaru peak sit over us was having some silently mocking authority observing us. Reaching the summit was an occasion that I could romantisize over for paragraphs and paragraphs.

I understand that this particular experience of mine is unrepeatable - lost. It shall never be possible to return to the mountain with the same people, with the same expectations and I shall never fully appreciate the sheer amazement again.

A plan to return is being made. I am considering returning this summer - 2001.

Here I come...

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