Almagre Mountain

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Almagre Mountain Trip Report (#17473)

In the days of infancy of Mountain Bikes, I was always looking around to do something no one else had done. (The MTB community was small, I worked in a bike shop, everybody knew everybody)

The previous 4th I had "done" Pikes Peak (I claim to be the first to take an MTB up Barr Trail to the top), and was looking for an encore to following year.

So, as was custom, I rode from home, up The Chutes, up the Gold Camp Road, and up Mt. Baldy Rd. through Frostys Park, and "did" the mountain. It took all day. I claim to be the first to ride from town to the top, and back, also.

Bike : Specialized Stumpjumper (the "upper end" $750 one)

That evening I went with my (then) wife and saw "Blade Runner" at the UA Cinema 150 on E. Pikes Peak. She was NOT happy...

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