Mount Olympus

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Mount Olympus Trip Report (#5941)

  • Signed By: Jure Pejanovic
  • Date submitted: April 07, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 23.MARCH.2003

Fiftee members of Slovenian Road Society visited Greece in the middle of March 2003 with intention to climb Mt. Olympus and ski from the 2911 high peak Scolio. Winter acces is not from Litohoro, which is usually access in the summer but from SW (Elasona). With car you can drive to military base 1800m about sea. Path is not dificult to follow if the weather is not foggy. Partly the path follows two ski lifts. During our ascend it was sunny but cold and windy. Strong wind (100-150km/h) made low temperature even lower and due to wind and chill only 4 members succeeded to rich (4,5 hours) the very top of Scolio (2911m). The way up was not dangerous and to ski down was a great pleasure. The slopes around ski lifts were even treaded and we did several repetitions. You needed a pasport to go through through military base, so dont forget it.

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